K2 Mobile Air | Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Servicing
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Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning Servicing

Truck and Heavy Vehicles and Commercial Auto Airconditioning

K2 Mobile Airconditioning is a mobile service that will come to your home or place of business or other designated area to repair the air-conditioning system of your truck or other heavy vehicle including medium sized buses, cranes, earthmovers, forklifts, tractors and motorhomes.

We inspect your vehicle to determine the cause of the problem with your vehicle’s airconditioning system and to make sure that all parts of the system are running efficiently.

Leak detection, custom made hoses and replacement of damaged parts are all part of what we can do at K2 Mobile Airconditioning. If your truck or heavy vehicle runs on old gas we can convert it to new gas which is safer for the environment.

We also perform degassing and regassing of your truck or heavy vehicle once the airconditioning system is functioning.

K2 Mobile Airconditioning services and repairs all makes of trucks and heavy vehicles including Caterpillar, Freightliner, Isuzu, Iveco, Kalmar, Kenworth, Scania, Sterling, Tridon and Volvo.

Commercial Fleets

At K2 Mobile Airconditioning we can accommodate the service and repair of your commercial fleet whether it be for taxis, limousines, trucks or other heavy vehicles. We are well experienced working with all types of commercial fleets and are flexible to work in with your OH&S procedures. Our service is timely, reliable and after hours callouts can be negotiated. We can put your fleet on a service schedule which will save you money on breakdowns and costs of repairs. For more information about services and repairs please contact us.

Panel Repair Businesses

K2 Mobile Airconditioning can look after the repair and servicing of airconditioning systems in cars and other vehicles for Panel Repair Businesses.

We will make it a priority to service and repair the air-conditioning system of vehicles in your shop within 24 hours of being called.

We will help you comply with government regulations by safely degassing and regassing vehicles so that the gas is not released into the air, thus avoiding costly government fines. We guarantee parts that we have ourselves provided for cars. We will work with your staff to ensure that vehicles leave your workshop on time and in good working conditioning. Please contact us for more information about our service to Panel Repair Businesses.

At K2 Mobile Airconditioning we pride ourselves on our high quality automotive air conditioning servicing.

Jobs Guaranteed

K2 Mobile Airconditioning technicians are all qualified and use state of the art equipment. We also ensure that all equipment used during the servicing of your vehicle’s air-conditioning system is approved by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

The use of any replacement parts that K2 Mobile Airconditioning provides for the repair of the A/C system for your vehicle are either genuine or after market as per your choice and come with a one year warranty for that part.

Airconditioning Gas

During the service of your vehicle’s air-conditioning if we require we will degas and then regas your vehicle in a safe way without causing damage to the environment. Our procedure for the use and disposal of refrigerant gas for your vehicle is done so in accordance with ARC regulations.

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